Starting Strength Tonight!

Starting Strength is not revolutionary. It's a summation. It's a manifesto.

Focus on the basics. Get strong. Lift heavy stuff. Tell jokes. 

Doug-young1By improving technique and strength in the basics – the squat,  the deadlift, the bench press, the clean – workouts get easier. Heck, everything gets easier. The tired old cliche at other gyms about "when you work out, your whole life works out!" ? It's true with Rippetoe. 

These are the hard-won lessons of a career powerlifter. Mark Rippetoe – "Rip" – was a founding member of the NSCA when they were the only credible source of information around. He tore up his NSCA membership when he started coaching for CrossFit. Since then, he's carried on in his own way.

Want to get strong for a sport? Want to get strong for ….awesomeness? Want to start getting ready for the Catalyst Games 2012? This is the perfect foundation. All strength, plus one METCON per week. Coached by Whit!

8 weeks for $90 . This will likely be our only Barbell Bettys or Frat Barbell course all summer, and it's already nearly full! Register online here, or call 705-256-1344.