StrongMan Training Group – April 25

Want to get STRONG?

Bored with the barbell?

Do what the strongest men in the world do: lift heavy objects. Pull and push. Carry and drag. Walk under load, move stuff. Do more work.

Dana Skytta is a NAS competitor. He has ridiculous lifts; he can do amazing things with tires, logs, and trucks. You can train with him on Wednesdays from 7:30-9pm, starting 4/25. Compete in the Ishpeming Strongman (optional) in June, try some new stuff, or just spend your summer getting crazy strong.

 Learn and train with press logs, farmers' carries, Atlas stones, Super Yokes, kegs, tires, and other implements! Want to get STRONG for football, CrossFit, or other power sports? This is the way.

Register online here, or call 705-256-1344.