The Summer of Snatch

This summer, we’re offering a dedicated program for improving three lifts: the clean, the jerk and the snatch.
We love these lifts. As much art as science, they’re thrilling to watch and to practice. When a snatch goes the way it should, you feel like you’ve bitten through a power cord. It’s the ultimate weightlifting test: who can put the most weight, relative to their size, over their head?
Every Thursday night at 8pm, coach Charity will lead a progressive strength- and skill-building program suitable for beginners and advanced lifters alike. She’ll assign homework, which you can do with an Open Gym membership (included in the non-member price.) 10 weeks for $119 for members ($199 for nonmembers, which includes 2 months of Open Gym,) and a very exclusive cap on attendance. We’ll start on June 26. (Click here to register.)
Over a year ago, five Catalyst coaches were certified by USA Weightlifting. Hundreds of clients have improved their lifts since. The level of coaching in the Olympic Lifts at Catalyst has gone up faster than our cleans.
What’s making the difference? It’s not new bars, or those bouncier bumper plates. It’s coaching. Having a watchful eye correct the big problems…then the smaller ones…and then the little ones…makes a huge difference.
Practice reinforces technique. Unfortunately, this is just as true for poor technique as for good technique. Three years spent going down the wrong road doesn’t get you closer to your destination, friend.
But wait…don’t heavy weights make women look like blokes?!?

What DOES weightlifting give you?
Power – the ability to do a lot of work quickly. In this case, it’s moving a heavy load overhead rapidly. This translates into improved force and speed for sports.
Agility – the ability to change directions at top speed.
Speed – the ability to recruit power against a static object.
Awesome – the unbridled ecstacy of knowing you could hurl dat guy’s desk across da room if you wanted to.
Need more info? Email Register online here, or call 705-256-1344.