Thursday Night Betty

Betty3 On any given Monday morning, Betty will be 10 minutes early for work.  The kids squared away, husband off to his job, Betty organizes her week.  On Tuesday, Betty may add a little flair to her day with a different hairdo, or flavour in her coffee.  Wednesday, she may bring a new, exotic fruit in her lunch…..

But Thursday nights, Betty goes out.

Out of the house.  Out of her do-it-all role.  Out of her cold-creamed skin.

On Thursdays, Betty puts on her 'goin'-out shoes,' checks her outfit, texts her friends, and leaves.  Her peers will be scattered among various clubs and other evening hotspots, but not Betty.  Betty's "goin'-out shoes" have very low heels instead of the high variety.  Her outfit is tight, but functional, not frilly.  And she'll be movin', all right, but not shakin': her dance will be the ballet of the box squat; her bar of choice will have sharp knurling.

This is not what the average woman does.  The average woman stays home on Thursdays, because that's when Desperate Housewives is on. The average woman folds into her couch, waiting for the perfect commercial opportunity to make the popcorn.  And that's too bad, because real inspiration won't be on CBS tonight.  Mama won't find fulfillment in that bathroom makeover after all.  Self-improvement won't be in the Victoria's Secret catalogue this month, and nobody's going to care that she did 32 reps on the hydraulic pec deck at the  'health club' circuit today.

Average women don't pick up 250 pounds off the ground.  But they could.  Do you think those women get osteoporosis? 

Average women don't drip sweat in a group with a coach.  But they could.  Do you think those women beam with pride after their workouts?

Betty4 Average women don't chalk up; don't drop down; don't jump over.  But they could.  Do you think those women feel strong?  Confident? Powerful

I think every woman is born with a bit of Betty somewhere inside. The female of the species, after all, is usually the protector of the brood.  She's capable of not just placation, but power.  And pride. 

Barbell Bettys is definitely a group for women: it's very social, very upbeat, very friendly.  The Bettys meet up outside the gym.  They stay friends.  They post on facebook and take pictures and clap and cheer.  But they're also challenging the stereotypical "woman's workout": there are no triceps kickbacks, no pink-covered dumbbells, no checking of headbands in the mirror to make sure the lululemon logo is just so.  

The growth of our Bettys Club has been fantastic.  Its popularity is 100% due to its amazing members: they hound their friends to join.  They host Betty parties.  

Thursday evenings, we'll welcome the new gals.  They'll get all the basics that make Bettys famous: deadlifts, squats, presses, and the like.  They'll become True Bettys, and one day they'll grow up into the type of woman that makes us most proud: the strong type.

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