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What IS Powerlifting?

Press, Squat, Deadlift.
These three exercises form the foundation of optimal fitness–and health.
Pushing something away from your body; sitting and standing; and picking up a heavy object are three life skills that you’ll always need.
Powerlifting is the practice of pressing, picking up and standing tall.
Yeah, lifting heavier stuff makes you feel like a hardcase. It makes your muscles bigger, and sets you up to lift cars off people. If you’re a bodybuilder, this is the base of your musculature. If you’re a CrossFitter, a base of strength will improve all other areas of your fitness.
An enlightened approach to powerlifting will build a “strength buffer”: a margin for error as you age. If you’re strong NOW, it will take longer for you to become decrepit later.
Trust me: when you’re 50 and you have to push a car out of a ditch; or 60 and you have to move your own tree stumps; or 70 and have to get off the toilet yourself or move into a nursing home…you’ll thank the barbell.
This enlightened approach is a training style we call “Westside.” I trained Westside for years, competing in the American Powerlifting Federation for a few. I’ve never been stronger. When combined with a CrossFit program, Westside will make you strong AND fit.
If you’re training for the Open, this is the first step. If you’re getting ready for the Supermeet in December, this program will give you the skills AND strength to increase your total. And if you just want to grow a butt…well, you’re in luck.
Each week, you’ll cycle through a pulling movement; a pressing movement; and a squat variation. You’ll test your max lifts (this group is NOT about reps…lol). And you’ll get really, really strong.
A six-week focus on strength development in the Press, Deadlift and Squat: that’s our Powerlifting Course!
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