Certifications:  Crossfit Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)

Taryn hasn’t always been into working out. In fact, she spent most of her youth overweight and dreaming of a life where going up a few flights of stairs wouldn’t leave her sweaty, uncomfortable and gasping for air. She vowed to change for her health, and the rest is history. Taryn decided to further her post-secondary education studying Fitness and Health Promotion at Sault College. This is when Taryn discovered Catalyst and signed up for On-Ramp – it was was love at first squat. A practical learning placement at Catalyst, followed by completion of her CrossFit Level 1 certification prepared Taryn to become a coach.

Taryn has a true understanding of how hard it can be to make the changes, but how rewarding it is to find strength you may have never dreamed was possible. While leading CrossFit classes and spearheading Specialty groups, Taryn demonstrates strong skills and knowledge, but it is her passion for helping others to make positive change that makes her an integral part of the Catalyst Coaching team.