Michelle Young (CAT)c

Michelle is a Certified Athletic Therapist, CAT(c), and a graduate of the Bachelor of Applied Health Science – Athletic Therapy program at the Sheridan Institution of Technology and Advanced Learning.  She worked with the Men’s Rugby and Women’s Hockey Teams as well as treating athletes of all disciplines in the Sports Medicine Clinic. The majority of her clinical placements were spent treating the general public, helping them return to work and play. Michelle is a member in good standing of the Canadian Athletic Therapy Association and the Ontario Athletic Therapy Association. To book an appointment with Michelle, email her at

Tyler Belanger, NMT

Tyler is founder of the IgniteGym program, and co-author of Enrichment Through Exercise. IgniteGym is renowned for combining physical movement with behavioral and cognitive therapy, and provides services to clients with autism, Down’s syndrome, brain injury, stroke, ADHD and gifted students. IgniteGym has a private gym space inside Catalyst. To book an assessment with Tyler, email him at