The 2017 Catalyst Games: A Recap

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“When I am working on a problem, I never think about beauty but when I have finished, if the solution is not beautiful, I know it is wrong.” – R. Buckminster Fuller
The 10th Catalyst Games was beautiful.
The fog was beautiful. Then the cloudless sky was beautiful. And then the heat, and the muscularity, and the effort. All of it: beautiful.
The teamwork from the judges and staff? A thing of beauty.
Winners? A bunch o’ beauties.
Here they are:
Men Individual:
Adam Chevis
Luc Baillargeon-Smith
Jamie Stadnisky
Women Individual:
1- Kaitlyn Good
2 – Shelby Coulter
3 – Sarah Eddy
1 – Can’t Stop / Won’t Stop
2 – Push Jerks and Pop Tarts
3 – That’s What She Said
1 – Ally Buchan
2 – Amy Gillespie
3 – Jaelyn Slagel
Thanks to all the judges, scorers, Dave and Mujahid, Jess for organizing, and Denis for doubling as photographer!
It was incredible to see so many first-timers out. But my favorite thing was how many athletes chose the TEAM route.
The CrossFit Open is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to show their skill. The SuperMeet is an Indie event, and our NEW event next year (obstacle race meets cyclocross) could go either way (it’s a surprise!)
The Catalyst Games is a TRUE team event, because you’re dragging each other along. And I love that.
So, in the future, the Catalyst Games will become a team-ONLY event.

The next event – The SUPERMEET – will be Saturday, December 16th! It’s free for Catalyst members (you can register here if you already know you’re doing it.)

Click HERE to register for our new Powerlifting 6-Week Group starting Wednesday, September 27 at 5:30pm (6 Weeks.)