Aryanna Henson: A Different Attitude

What brought me to catalyst was my Mom Cindy and my sister Charity. At first I wasn’t into Crossfit at all, my mom had to drag me to the gym. Eventually I found out that I was really good at weightlifting and that’s what got me coming to the gym regularly.

My first impression five years ago was that the workouts were challenging to me . It has changed since then, the workouts are still challenging but I now go at it with a different attitude by seeing aworkout that I will have to push my self to finish by telling my self I can do this.
The thing that caused my greatest improvement was changing my diet to Paleo. Once I went strict Paleo I started to get PR’s on weightlifting and WODs. I had so much energy from eating healthy foods that I could do a workout, recover and not having any muscle pain the next day.
My favorite Catalyst memory was going in the Men’s deadlift ladder at the Catalyst Games 2015 and getting a 415 lb deadlift.