Denis Paradis – New Catalyst Family

In 2015 I joined a local gym to lose weight. This progressed well to where I was eventually working out 5-6 days a week. Problem was, I started to plateau and was losing interest. I needed motivation and since my son had been with Catalyst in the past, I knew that Catalyst could provide for me the same great experience he had. I felt that the group environment would provide me with the motivation I needed to push myself.
When I started in September 2016, my first impression of Catalyst was definitely a positive one. The coaches were encouraging and extremely knowledgeable. Once getting through the ONRAMP training, and now attending noon hour group, the experience has only gotten better. The encouragement, coaching and advice received, not only by our coaches, but also by the experienced members has allowed me to continue to challenge myself physically and more importantly, mentally. My self-confidence and mental toughness continues to grow along with my strength and endurance.
My current goals include working on technique and mental toughness. Again, the coaches and fellow participants provide the information, correction and encouragement needed I know I will certainly get better.
Catalyst is a family environment. While I’ve enjoyed the progress I’ve made (especially completing a handstand push-up), I’d have to say my favourite experience has been simply being part of the Catalyst family.  I was so amazed to see that our little gym family was able to help make Christmas 2016 a better one for 95 local kids through our “Gift” program. Knowing that I am part of this group, a group that doesn’t hesitate to give back to the community, feels good.