Do I Belong Here? YES!

By Coach Denis

About 7 years ago I walked into a local gym hoping to get started on what I refer to as – the beginning of my fitness journey. This gym had the usual machines, treadmills, ellipticals, and a variety of cable weight machines. They also had a free weight area. Not sure exactly what I was going to do, I thought way back to my younger days. I walked into the free weight area hoping to get started. Less than a minute later, I walked out, back to the machine area. The younger, testosterone driven environment was one that I knew. Within minutes I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable in that setting. What I thought I wanted to do wasn’t exactly what I needed to do.

We all have a sense of wanting to belong. We still may be a bit nervous and apprehensive but we want to feel somewhat comfortable when we walk into a new environment. No one wants to be intimidated walking into a gym. Feeling anxious when attempting to get started on the path to a healthier self is normal. But walking into a new place with only the knowledge from your younger self and no direction can be a recipe for disaster. What changed for me?

I walked into Catalyst Fitness. I attended a “No Sweat Intro”

Every prospective client starts with a “No Sweat Intro” (NSI). This is a FREE 30 minute appointment. During your NSI you will have an opportunity to talk about what your goals are, what’s worked in the past and what roadblocks might prevent you from reaching your goals. Then we discuss how we’re going to keep you on track by prescribing you an exercise and nutrition program that best suits your schedule and budget. Your goals are what drives our services! We tailor your Catalyst experience to meet your needs. It’s about making you comfortable so you can remain focused why you came to see us. To be a healthier version of yourself.

Catalyst Fitness has several coaching options available. This is the #1 reason we want to meet you before you hop into one of our programs.

We want to set you up for success!

If you are like me and prefer a social setting to motivate you, then our group classes could be the right environment. If you’re not comfortable in a group setting, no problem we can set up 1:1 coaching. Personal Training is the BEST way for clients to get results. Not comfortable in a gym setting, no problem we can set you up a plan for you to work out in the comfort of your home with one of our Online Coaching Specialists. 

We use the term “Catalyst Family”, and we don’t take this saying lightly. We truly are a welcoming and supportive community both inside and outside of the bricks and mortar location. We have a private members Facebook group where we celebrate weekly bright spots and personal achievements. You won’t find a more caring and uplifting group of people. 

If you want to see what Catalyst Fitness and Nutrition is all about, email or set up your No Sweat Intro by clicking here