How To Watch 100km

Tomorrow morning, a dozen members of the Catalyst Family will make up the Catalyst Assault Bike Team. We’ll be riding 70-100km on St. Joseph Island.
That’s a very long ride.
Luckily, the colours are coming out on the Island; it should be a beautiful day; and our team is all about pulling each other along. I’ve personally been the backseat driver to Mike Watson and Ray Gowlett for a lot of the summer, and I can testify: good riders really CAN aid weaker riders. But so can fans.
One of my favorite parts of training for this 100k ride was watching the Tour de France with Robin and our kids. At every stage, and especially on the climbs, the fans were CRAZY. Riders were handed sandwiches, drinks, patted on the back or raced as they climbed. If you haven’t seen a bike race before, here are some highlights:

If you’re out enjoying the colours, or the Country Roads Tour, or just the amazing life we lead in the Sault area this weekend, don’t skip the Island! Your Catalyst Family could use your support!
(don’t do the funny stuff. But get loud out there!)
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Want to come and watch? Here’s the map. We’ll start from Richards Landing at 10am. The FAST folks will pass up Gilberton’s Hill in around 40 minutes, and the rest of us will follow. Most expect to finish around 2-3. Hilton, The Fort, or any of the support stations would be great places to watch and cheer!
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See you on the Island!