How To Make Resolutions That WORK

If you’re like most people, you’re probably setting a few resolutions today.
The top resolutions most people set:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Feel better about myself
  3. Make more money

The problem isn’t with the act of resolving. The problem is the downward spiral of:
Big Effort
Small Setback
I see it EVERY DAY. People spend year after year in this vicious cycle. I did, too. Here’s how I broke the death spiral.
Start with these big questions:

  1. What do I want to LEARN in 2017?
  2. Where do I want to GO in 2017? (literally – think about travel.)
  3. What do I need to UPGRADE in 2017? (do you need a new roof? Car? Skates? Not just “want” – need.)
  4. Who will I SERVE in 2017? (What special cause needs your time or energy? Pets without homes? Kids without a coach?)

These should form a clear picture of the OUTCOMES of your actions.
By focusing on the outcomes, you’ll create an emotional connection to success. Focusing on the actions is what MOST people do–and that’s why they fail. You don’t connect to actions – you connect with results. The clearer the picture, the stickier the habit.
Next, identify barriers to achieving those resolutions, and plan to overcome them in advance.
For example:
“I want to go on a Disney Cruise in 2017. What are the barriers to doing so?”

  1. It’s expensive. (Plan: save $200 per month until December. Put $50 in a savings account every week. Pay for the cruise.)
  2. I don’t want to wear a bathing suit in public. (Get some fitness and nutrition coaching. Don’t waste the year trying to figure this out on your own.)
  3. I can’t get the time off work. (Ask your boss how to ‘bank time’ or rearrange your vacation time.)

Next, identify clear actions that are necessary on a monthly basis.

  1. “I need to save $200 per month. I can set up my auto-withdrawal to take $50 from each paycheque and put it in my trip account.”
  2. “I need to lose 3lbs of fat per month. I don’t have to rush. I’ll call Jess to do a consultation and see what she recommends.”
  3. “I can bank lieu time by working two extra shifts each month.”

Break these into daily habits. Aim for 80% perfection (don’t let a daily setback derail a solid month.)
FINALLY (and this is critical): identify what’s ALREADY WORKING and build on that.
Don’t like running on a treadmill? Me neither. Don’t resolve to do it.
Don’t like exercising alone? Me neither. That’s why I go to CrossFit Noon Group with my buddies.
Don’t like exercising in a group? Cool. Get a real coach and follow the program to maximize adherence.
Don’t like diets or counting or doing math with your food? Me neither. Start with solid habits.
I’ll let you make the last choices yourself, or you can call Catalyst for guidance (our “No-Sweat Intro” is free and will help you map out all of the above.)
There’s nothing wrong with making resolutions on January 1.
Things usually don’t go wrong at all until January 2.
When you fail at your resolutions, you blame yourself, and set up a pattern of failure.
Break free: start with the end in mind.
Love yourself in 2017!