Six-Week Weightlifting Specialty Course

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There is a sport that knows no gender.
A sport that isn’t skewed for height. Or weight. Or brand-name apparel.
There is a sport that rewards virtuosity, determination and practice. Focus. Presence. And attention to detail.
There is a sport where the competition is internal. Where frustration collides with celebration, and it sounds like hard-soled shoes on plywood.
Weightlifting, done right, is beauty without the stress of “pretty.”
I can tell you why you need to be good at picking stuff up from the floor. I can repeat myself about the value of lifting heavy things overhead.
But I can’t define the ballet of the barbell. I can only break down its components and teach its science. The art, my friends, is your own.
On November 8, coach Jess (CFL1, USAW1, Care level 1000) will lead our annual six-week Weightlifting Specialty Course.
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The course will fix common faults in the clean, the jerk and the snatch. If you’re a beginner, good: save yourself years of heartache from pushing bad technique. If you’re more advanced, good: find the one little tweak that’s stopping you from hitting a PR.
We’ll build toward our annual SuperMeet on December 16.
If you just completed our Powerlifting Course, this will be a nice complement. But if you didn’t do the Powerlifting course, this will still help; it’s a separate curriculum.
12 spots available. The last course sold out!
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