Summer of Sun

AT LAST spring has come back to the Sault!
We’ve been ready for weeks. Here’s what we have planned for the summer:
First, the Mountain Maple is coming! It’s our favorite 5k of the year, and it’s happening in a month! Get registered here–good for first-timers (a very forgiving terrain) or to push hard as an intermediate (I lied about the ‘forgiving’ part. It’s as hard as you make it.)
Second, the Catalyst Games will be earlier this year! July 21 in Kinsmen Park (Hiawatha Highlands). We’ll start training for that competition in May.
Third, BIKES ARE COMING SOON. There are rumors of a 100km ride on St. Joe on Sept. 15. Terrifying, but a great excuse to ride a good bike! So we bought a few good ones from Velorution. We’ll have them available for checkout and long group rides as soon as the roads clear. If you don’t have a good road bike, borrow one from us–it’s included in your membership! But here’s a warning: they’re SUPER addictive. You’ll probably want to buy one of your own after riding one of ours.
Fourth, we’re doing a SPARTAN RACE as a team! September 9 in Duntroon, Ontario. The Spartan Super registration is here. Most of us have never done one before, so we’ll have an OCR training group starting July 24. If you register in advance for the race, click the ‘team’ button and type Catalyst as your team! We’d LOVE to have you with us!
We’ve been training all winter. This is your chance to use your fitness to expand your life.
Sign up for new experiences. Blaze new trails. Trophies mean nothing; come home with a good story. Set a good example. Have a good time. We’ll get you ready.
We’ll continue to challenge you this summer IN the gym, too: we have weightlifting groups starting soon, Silver Belles for women over 60, and new CrossFit groups in rural locations for kids and adults, too. But today, commit yourself to an event, and stock up on sunscreen: it’s about to get awesome in here!