Supplements at Catalyst

by Chris Cooper, Founder

I’ve owned Catalyst for 16 years, and we’ve never sold supplements.

Though I take supplements myself, we’ve never stocked them at the gym. It’s a long story, but the supplement industry has always been – well, kinda gross.

We’ve all fallen for it: “Gain muscle fast!”, “Burn fat while you sleep!”, “Drink this shake instead of eating real food!”

I told myself that I didn’t want to play the game. But in doing so, I’ve been avoiding part of my duty as a coach: to find the real answer and share it with the Catalyst family. Don’t worry: I’m not going to pitch you anything here. 🙂

We are a coaching business. We coach fitness and nutrition. For many people, including me, nutrition includes some supplementation.

For example, I keep things basic:

Casein before bed

Greens mixed into the casein (it’s actually really good)

A multivitamin in the morning

Fish oil with breakfast (not amazing, but not as horrible as fish oil tasted in the old days.)

You might not need–or want–to use nutritional supplements. Some people at Catalyst need supplementation, and some don’t. But NOBODY needs to waste money on garbage that doesn’t work. NOBODY wants to gain fat because–whoops!–their whey protein actually has a high sugar content. NOBODY wants to get fooled by the bro behind the counter or the coworker who’s selling the newest MLM shakedown.

If you DO want supplements, or need supplementation (ask your coach!) click here to buy from Driven Nutrition. I’ve been working with these folks for three years now, and placed Driven in hundreds of gyms worldwide. We’ve just reached a deal to make them available in Canada. I’ve tested their rates and their shipping speed, and both are great–just like their products.

The coaches and I–we’re not supplement salespeople. We’re problem-solvers. Supplementation is part of the nutrition solution for many people, including me (and most of your coaches.) If you want supplements, I want you to get the best ones instead of whatever the salespeople at the supplement store are pushing this week.

When we can safely reopen, we’ll have a big party and I’ll bring in some samples to taste. But if your nutrition has some gaps (or, like me, you just can’t get enough protein in a day) our Driven dashboard is the answer.

Click here:

Stay safe!