The Catalyst Games XII

The Catalyst Games XII is on the horizon.59495691 1181695232037980 8704207222021816320 n
This year the Games will be held on July 13th. For our twelfth annual test of fitness, we go back to the Sault’s own concrete Coliseum, under the tent at the Bondar Pavilion.
We are going to storm the Waterfront for the throwdown of the year!
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It’s time to ramp up training with your best WOD-mate – for the first time ever, this year’s event will be an all-out showdown of MIXED PAIRS.
This event will be held at the Roberta Bondar Park & Pavilion on the St. Mary’s River Waterfront in Sault Ste. Marie.
This versatile outdoor venue is the ideal platform for challenging events that will test your endurance, strength, agility and speed, RAIN or SHINE!
With both Rx and Scaled Divisions, we have your fitness level covered.