The Secret To Fitness Success

It’s not the newest workout.

It’s not the hardest workout.

It’s not the newest diet.

It’s not that TV reality show (lol). 

The secret to fitness success is MOMENTUM.

Doing a little bit, every day, and not stopping. Today, I’m going to tell you how to do it!

One workout will make you sore.

Ten workouts will make you notice a change.

A hundred workouts will make you a different person.

Exercise has a cumulative effect. Spread those 100 workouts over 10 years (roughly, one workout every two weeks) and you won’t get any results, no matter how tough the workouts are.

Instead, you need consistency. And that’s hard. So at Catalyst, we help you build consistency (showing up and exercising regularly) in a way that makes exercise a natural, easy part of your life (momentum!)

1. We start with proper onboarding. Poor technique stops consistency and kills momentum.

2. We introduce nutritional habits. Eating pretty well consistently is far more powerful than eating really well occasionally.

3. We make the workouts fun. You’ll WANT to show up, because you’ll never get bored.

4. We always show you the next step, so you know what you’re reaching toward.

5. We change your workouts, your program and your nutrition plan regularly, so you don’t hit plateaus!

6. We focus on doing one thing, every day, to improve your health.

Here’s the beauty of #6: the fitter you get, the more benefit you get from the “easy” stuff. As you gain lean muscle and lose bodyfat, your results compound. You’ll WANT to work out. You’ll feel good, have more energy and actually get excited to come to the gym.

As you get stronger and more flexible, you’ll start asking yourself, “What ELSE can I do?” You’ll find new levels of capability and actually impress yourself.

This is what momentum means: small habits create small wins, which creates enthusiasm for your fitness. And when you love this stuff, it’s easy. And when it’s easy, you get more results, even faster…

What are you doing TODAY to build momentum for yourself?