The Summer of Strength

Every summer, we spend extra time getting STRONG.
Our 8-week Weightlifting Progression focuses on improvement in the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk.) These are the most technical barbell lifts to master, and extra time spent focused on speed, technique and assistance work will take you far. Led by USAW Certified Weightlifting coach Charity Elliott. Start from the basics, build strength, learn or refine your technique. Homework requires an Open Gym membership. Click here to save your spot (this sells out EVERY TIME.) Starts June 4 at 8pm!
Our Strongman Group builds brute strength over 6 weeks. Learn and train with press logs, farmers’ carries, Atlas stones, kegs, tires, and other implements!. Open gym membership not required; the group is focused on building technique and skill, not building toward competition. Homework not assigned. Click here to register!