Today's Workout: 090813

It’s The Morning After.
You’re probably feeling stiff or sore…and maybe a bit inspired. If the latter, do two things today:
1. Try one of the workouts you saw at the Pavilion yesterday. Just show up to the Park between 10 and 2, and Jordan will help you modify  to make it doable. We scale from wheelchairs to Wonder Woman; you can do it.
2. Promise yourself you’ll do it next year. Maybe not to win, but to finish.
Massive thanks first to Melanie Rose, who sets this whole thing up by herself, smilin’ all the way…even when she’s getting married six days later.
Next, to Ty Belanger, the ‘voice’ – of heats, of encouragement, and of reason when we want to choke out the venue staff.
Third to the setup crew who worked with us until 10pm the night before, and rolled out of bed to be there at 6am on Games day…and were still with us at 8pm last night again.
Fourth, to the judges, many of whom didn’t take a food break from 7am until we finished over 12 hours later. These include Parnz and Lori, who spent the day doing the math too heavy for most of us to handle.
Fifth, to visiting Coaches. You’re doing such an amazing job that your clients, friends and athletes will strap themselves into a car, book a room, drive for hours, and “eat concrete” for a full day in the pursuit of fitness. You are GOOD at your job. Notice that members of other gyms in the Sault (save for one CrossFitter from the YMCA,) didn’t dare test themselves. Wow.
Sixth, to Andi Fraser photography, who put as much energy into photography – 2230 pics uploaded so far – as we did into the workouts.
Seventh, to our sponsors. We don’t seek these folks out; they come to US, and ask how they can help. Darrel at Equipment World brought truck, trailer, muscle and love…and then competed all day, and then brought everything back, and immediately signed up again for next year. Troy Woods’ generosity has been immeasurable over the last three years, and this year he gave away a gym membership for a full YEAR. Deb Love was instrumental in helping folks find hotel rooms, keeping them hydrated, and booking their future travel.
Finally, thanks to the athletes, including my team, the Ginger Ninjas. These girls are so smart that it shows in their muscles.
If you’re still in town, drop by the gym and say goodbye this morning!