13 Minutes with Andre Riopel


How do I start an article about Andre Riopel?  The guy's a visionary.  He's built Back In Motion up to its current level; he's started Velorution and kept it thriving in a tough local market.  He's perhaps best known for being the bee in some local bonnets who don't care much for cyclists.  As Andre explains it in the video, "If you care about your health, you have to care about your community.  And if you care about your community, you have to care about the world."  Couldn't have said it much better than that.

I invited Andre to do this interview a couple of weeks ago.  When he arrived on his bike, I should have started rolling tape immediately.  Instead, 5 minutes later, I had to ask him to IMG_2603
stop talking so that I could get the camera out.  I was missing too much good stuff.  

Andre and I share a similar philosophy: do hard work, make it an adventure, and keep it brief.  My favourite new Riopel-ism: Live With No Dead Time.  Beautiful.

This is his winter bike.  The frame weighs around 2lbs.  It was custom-made by Ian Dunlop at Andre's shop, Velorution (even the shop's name has a great story behind it.)

He's in great shape – and it shows if you watch the video – but he's really all about heart.  The guy cares.  He cares what happens to you, your family, and our Earth.  It's obvious.  Ok, that's enough; roll video.

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