24-Hour Emergency

IMG_2430 Starting on Friday, July 3, Mike Watson (Catalyst Head Trainer) will embark on an epic 24 Hours of fitness.  His goal: to raise money for his buddy, Mark Hunt, recently diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma.  His method: Madness.  12 CrossFit WODs in 24 Hours.  

Mike will be doing his first WOD with Friday's noon group downtown on the 3rd; the rest will be done at the Park.  Want to join him for any/all of the WODs?  $10 per workout, or just use your punch card – Catalyst will donate the equivalent dollar value per WOD!  

Mike will be posting each WOD for his journey beforehand.  Personally, I plan to join him for at least half.  This is going to be HARD.

Saturday night, following his marathon CrossFit session, we'll be showing "Every Second Counts" – the CrossFit movie that was just released and as yet unseen in Northern Ontario!   $10 at the door for the 8pm showing.  Bring a lawn chair and cold beverage.  Every cent goes to the family – wife, Mark, and baby.

Markhunt A lot of us are in the same age category as Mark.  He's just had his second anniversary, his daughter is only 11 months old.  If this reminds you of what could happen in your own life, and you get choked up, feel free to donate more.  It's scary, scary stuff.  

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