Baseline Week: "Angie"

Kids 100 Pullups

100 Pushups

100 Situps

100 Squats

…for time, in that order.  This is the start of our annual 'BaseLine Week.' Do every workout and sum your times.  You want to see REAL improvement in your fitness?  This is the time to TEST.

As such, we'll applaud records set in non-group times (open Gym,) but we won't record them.  For a record to be official, we require that they be refereed at 7am, noon, or 7pm. 

Standards of Movement:

Pullups – chin must pass the bar in the horizontal plane (chin over the bar at the top.)

Pushups – chest and thighs must both touch the ground on every rep; elbows must come to full extension.

Situps – back must reach parallel with the floor on every rep, and end with back perpendicular to the thighs (90 degrees.)

Squats – crease of the hip must pass below the crest of the knee.

Tomorrow: "Grace": 30 clean and jerk for time.

Yesterday was an unbelievable day!  The "Mountain Maple" 5k / 10k / Kids' run illustrated what a perfect run should be about : amazing scenery, variety in the course, happy crowd, and free cookies.  Coop, Jo, and Carolle all put in respectable performances against more seasoned runners.

Meanwhile, Whit "One Woman Army" Pagnucco finished CrossFit Regionals in 23rd.  That's 23rd in Canada, baby.  Her strengths really showed, with a 7th-place finish in event #3 and a 5th-place finish in event #4.  Yay Whit!

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