BaseLine Week: "Fran"

Palumbo 21-15-9 of:

Thrusters (95/65lbs)


Day five of BaseLine Week. Quads are tired. Lats are mush. Brain feels…..good?

It's true. We can prove it: CrossFit sharpens your brain. Heck, we wrote the book on it. If you see Ty at the Park today, ask to browse a copy.

Looking stern in the background of the above picture: Mel Rose. Headed to Regionals next weekend….but today, coaching the Noon CrossFit Group downtown. Go Mel!

Tomorrow: Deadlift meet! 9am at the Park!

Sunday: Mountain Maple 2011! Over 120 participants this year. Last year: 75ish. The previous year: less than 40. Medals (with Catalyst Green ribbons!) for all the kids; 5k or 10k for the adults. Gorgeous trail, great times.


The History of the CrossFit Games - Infographic

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