BaseLine Week: "Fran"

Hannah 21-15-9 of:

Thrusters (95lbs men, 65lbs women)


…for time.

Tonight: our Midnight 5k!  60-70 folks will take to the streets at midnight, run the Park (in the dark!) with glowsticks.  Then the Park will be glowing with music from The PineCones!  Bring a social refreshment for afterward! $20 donation for our Relay for Life team, the Green Army to join in!

The route:  Midnight 5k

Remember this guy? He'll be hitting Fran this morning at the Park.  Tuesday, he did "Grace" in 1:59 – all clean and jerk, no snatches.  Wow.

Tomorrow: Strongman at Korah!  1pm start.  Truck pull with harness, car deadlift, and multi-stage medley!  Wanna deadlift a car?  5 bucks gets you one shot at it!

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