Baseline Week: "Kelly"

400m Run

30 Box Jumps

30 Wall Ball

5 rounds for time.

Standards of movement: Box jumps finish with the knees and hips locked and fully extended.  Wall balls must cross the green line to count, and originate from a full squat.

A LOT of progress shown so far this year!  PRs all over the place, a few new records on the Board…including an amazing performance last night in a Youth group.  Nick Sicoli managed 24 rounds of "Cindy" – full pullups, perfect pushups, and deep squats.  He's 13.  Oh-oh!

The Midnight 5k crew is growing…we're over 57 now, and yesterday we invited EVERY other Relay for Life team to participate!

Missed Coach Coop on CrossFit Radio?  You can subscribe to the podcast here, and download the interview (should be available today.)

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