BaseLine Week: Max Deadlift

60930_427532210447_540925447_5524479_3596503_n  Deadlift 1-1-1.

After warmups, you have three attempts to hit a max deadlift.

Your score: Max deadlift divided by bodyweight.  This lift is largely determined by the rate at which you can recruit force from your muscles, NOT your size. Though leverage helps, a max lift is all about efficiency at the microcellular and macro level.

Today is graduation day for OnRamp! Show up early at 8 and cheer them on!

Right: MaryAnn Linquist in one of the most famous deadlifts at Catalyst ever! She was the second woman to ever pull 300lbs here; today, we're looking for the 10th….

Tomorrow: Mountain Maple on St. Joe Island! 

Two videos for a rainy Saturday: The Canada West Regionals Day #1 Wrapup, and 'My Journey Into CrossFit.' 



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