Baseline Week: "Michael"

Run 800m run

50 Situps

50 Back Extensions

3 rounds for time.

Some amazing 'Grace' yesterday – Deluco hit a 1:59, and we had our first women Rx finishers ever (Mendy and Jo!)

Tonight, Coop will be worldwide on CrossFit Radio – hear it first on iTunes – you can download it tomorrow from the CrossFit Journal! 

It's "New Profile Pic" Weekend!  First, our Midnight 5k kicks off at 11:30pm.  It's a fundraiser for Relay for Life; $20 gets you the run, a band (The Pinecones!) and some social time afterward. 

Then, 12 hours later……

it's time to lift a car. 

As part of the Northern Cup Challenge, we'll be hosting three Strongman events: a truck pull, car deadlift, and medley.  Want to just try the car deadlift?  $5 per attempt.  You may never, ever get a chance to do this again!  Frat and Bettys: the competition is good, but few!  Get in there!

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