Betty Goes To Battle

Two thousand, seven hundred pounds. That's the combined deadlift of only nine women in our Catalyst Family.

Two minutes, four seconds. That's how long it takes Josh Deluco to lift 4,050lbs overhead from the ground.

In CrossFit, our goal is to develop two things: skill and capacity.

Skill – maximum efficiency through a predetermined, measurable movement

Capacity – output over time.

POSE running is a skill; the ability to run 5k is capacity.

Barbell Bettys Level I is about development of skills. Bettys Level II is about the further development of more advanced skills.

Bettys III is all capacity, baby. Work divided by time. Speed. Power. Distance. Challenge. Squaring off with self-doubt. It's about preparation.

If we've learned anything from the Open – and we learned a LOT – it's how to prioritize movements for maximum efficiency. Our programming is better; our periodization is better. We're ready to start preparing for 2012…or for the Catalyst Games, or just to be among the best of the best. You provide the reason, we'll provide the ration.

All we ask is a little commitment. We'll run our new Level III Bettys – The Green Army Competitive Group – for both men and women on Thursdays at 5:30. Ninety minutes of coaching by Mitch – a competitive MMA fighter, former gymnast and OLY lifter.

Rate: $35 per month on PAD (billed at the first of the month.) Sign up, commit from three months to forever. If it's too much, back out after three months. Get your daily WOD from the Green Army site daily.  Get stronger; get faster; move up in the world.  Email to register.


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