Big Stuff Happening at Catalyst Gym! November 2011

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CrossFit…it ain't just for crazies anymore!


We love writing about CrossFit. We love taking pictures, talking about the workouts, telling stories of our members….but we've always been a Personal Training facility first.

When we closed our beloved Queen Street gym, we didn't have to give up our Private Training rooms…we built a new one! Behind a closed door, out of sight, with one-on-one attention by the best Trainers around: Coop. Ty. Mitch. Mel. Cam. Whit. And sometimes, Mike. Can you imagine a better crew?


One of the most common questions we hear: "What's next for me?" Folks come out of OnRamp and into CrossFit, and want to improve specific skills; after Bettys, they're not sure how to keep moving up and up; and many, many, MANY beginners just want to get started without all the hoopla.


Personal Training has been our passion for over a dozen years. We've seen it, read it, and lived it out. We know, by now, more than just the right formula: we know how to tailor it to each individual. Ask anyone who's trained here: there is NO better way to start your fitness journey, or move further along its path. Want to talk to us about it? No problem, no pressure. 705-256-1344, or email Click the Personal Training link to read Trainer bios, see our schedules, and even book right through our site!



Yes, we're swimming now. Our Enduro program has evolved to include weekly cycling groups, running coaching, AND a new swim program! Cam Wilson leads the coaches in the endurance-based CrossFit program. Bike twice per week; swim on Saturday nights with Cait and Cam; run on Tuesdays. Work on technique; work on speed; work on endurance; work on power. Get fit like never before. This is the perfect time of year to broaden your work capacity and try new stuff…give it a month! You'll never go back!

Times, schedules, rates, and DAILY homework assignments are on!


Green Army Opens Camp

The CrossFit Open will start February 22, 2012, with a familiar scene: a dozen or more members of the Green Army (our competitive CrossFit Team) hovering over a screen, trying to be the first to see Event #1.

This year, we'll be better prepared than ever. We'll know competition dates ahead of time, and be in PRIME physical condition. We're using a linear training model (strength, then power, then MET output) to build the best CrossFitters we can be.

Two years ago, the best way to train for CrossFit competition was just to do workouts from the Main Site. Now, with Reebok involved and millions of dollars on the line, it's tough just to qualify among the 60 top athletes in the Region. We'll be putting forth at least one full team of our best and brightest Catalyst athletes, and the only way on those teams is by qualifying in the Open. 

Training starts November 15. Choose either Tuesday nights or Thursday nights (almost full!) – $140 for 14 weeks of training, homework, and the best condition of your life. Click this link to get registered – we'll definitely fill both nights!


Kids' Jiu-Jitsu

 Jiu-Jitsu is one of our most popular programs for Youth at Catalyst. It's excellent for developing all-around fitness; has a very low risk of injury; and teaches kids to be self-reliant and confident.


Coach Mitch is excellent at teaching Jiu-Jitsu to kids through fun games and challenges, and now he's using MMA and Jiu-Jitsu to deliver a message that's very close to his heart: anti-bullying. 


Beginning in November, Mitch will be visiting local schools to talk to kids about fitness, about being a professional fighter, about respect for others and yourself, and how to deal with bullies. CALL your school, and tell them to get in touch with Mitch fast! 705-256-1344, or – this is a ONE-OF-A-KIND seminar including fitness challenges, demonstrations, and advice from PRO MMA fighters!


See our other kids' programs (and get daily workout challenges for your OWN kids!) at

FranFest is almost here! 


November 19, 2011: Pick a partner. Spin her 'round. 21-15-9, and you're on the ground…


FranFest is our tournament-style take on the classic CrossFit WOD: "Fran"

21-15-9 of:




Many have thought her easy to handle. They've all been wrong. Get a partner, young or old (we'll give you some shortcuts, if you need them!) and just TRY to take her down. Register online here, or call Chris at 705-256-1344.


The Ignite! Academy has big news, too!

The 'Enrichment Through Exercise' book will be available to EVERYONE in time for Christmas! This isn't our textbook, but an insight into improving the brain through incorporating exercise; creating the right environments for learning and cognitive improvement; and a TON of Ignite! Enrichment Challenges. Put it on your list, and stay tuned for release dates!

Upcoming Ignite! Academy programs:

Public Speaking for Kids – January 9

Family Day – including Tall Tales Contest, physical challenges, Memory Championships, and other great games!

Money Masters Jr. – February 27

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The thing is, nothing great ever came from rushing someone's decision to try things. Most people don't change gyms – or join a new one – until they're either angry, or they've been taken by the hand and led in. Need to blend in with the crowd? Come and visit us on 9am any Saturday, and just try the group. Too shy? Try one-on-one. Unscared? Great. See you soon. As I once told Mel, I'm the worst salesperson in town. And that is why I LOVE this job: it sells itself.



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