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We believe, you and I, in real strength.
Real strength carries great burdens. Real strength pushes the heavy plow. Given a long enough lever, as the saying goes, real strength can move the world.
In a City built with skinned knuckles, work is our heritage. 'Labour' isn't the description of our political leanings; it's our birthright. Steel, timber, and fast water – these are our bones, skin, and blood. We've been made in the image of the Voyageur; of the lumberjack; of the steelworker, and the farmer.

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This Month:

Green Army Sectionals Team!Get Started In CrossFit!Rumour MillEnduro – Inside!Catalyst Kids Holiday Camp!Ignite!Christmas Goodies!

Caesar: "Who is it that, in the press, calls on me? I hear a tongue shriller than all the music."
 Soothsayer: "Beware the Ides of March." – Julius Caesar Act 1, Scene 2, 15-19.
Last year at Sectionals, we left a great mark: as the team who had the most fun, worked hard, and cheered loudest. This year, we'd like to build on that reputation. We've already had nearly 10 athletes express interest in competing at CrossFit Sectionals – Ontario in March. Ty's eager to compete in 2011, and he's already building a training template for himself and our travelling Team, the Green Army.
For 12 weeks, beginning December 30, 12 athletes who want to train at a whole NEW level will participate in our Green Army Sectionals Prep group. We'll be there; we'll be ready. It won't be easy; nothing worthwile ever is.
12 Weeks – December 30 – March 17 – Thursday nights at 5:30pm
12 Athletes – any gym member is eligible to enter this group; registration does NOT include membership.
Register online by December 4 and save 10%! Our gift to you!


What if I could make every workout better for the rest of your life?

What if I could deliver a starting line: for weight loss, knee and hip strengthening, endurance, and strength?

What if I could give it all to you before Christmas, and have you ready to face any New Year's Resolutions from a position of strength?

That's OnRamp. 15 workouts in 21 days. $199 for unlimited knowledge – and potential.
6pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Satrudays, starting November 29. A small, private group with one of the best CrossFit coaches in Ontario.
Food knowledge. Exercise skill development. Preparation for CrossFit. You: on the road you want to travel, for the rest of your life. Click here to register online, or call 256-1344.

The Keys to Success
If you've been (ahem) away from the Park for a few weeks, you won't have received your new swipe card yet! Get in and get swiped! Check-in is mandatory beginning December 1 – swipe, beep, or face a burpee penalty! That sounds pretty mean, but we're doing it for two reasons:
1) to help you track how often you're here, so we can help you get better;
2) to get Coop off the front desk and onto the floor more!

A Win is a Whiteboard Away
One big problem we Coaches are always discussing: how to get ALL the information to our members. There's so much of it out there to be disseminated, implemented, and adopted or discarded. We're offering a multitude of programs for different levels, but we can still do more. Voila – new whiteboards at the Park! Read 'em while you're sitting on the treadmills!

Enduro Rolls Into December!

This is the season where runners are made.

This is the time of year where the work gets done – in the dark, the cold, away from the shining eyes of the 'summer' runners.

This is the best time to get better.

Read Mike's workouts, philosophy, and more for the endurance athlete at Enduro. Then sign up: for $60 per month, you get:
2 training sessions/week (one bike, one run)New workouts EVERY DAYFaster

Catalyst Kids Holiday Daytime Camp!

Ain't it nice when the scientists play along?

We've been saying this for years: resistance training isn't just safe for kids, it's incredibly beneficial. Despite myths to the contrary, teaching kids to move better – running, jumping, swinging, climbing, throwing, carrying – HELPS them through their whole life. Plus, they think it's pretty awesome.

In a major new study just published in Pediatrics,
researches sifted through 60 years of data and found that strength training for kids was not only safe, but critical for proper development and minimization of injuries. The New York Times summary of the study is published here. This Christmas, give your kids something they'll REALLY love (and you'll love watching): Catalyst Teens. They'll learn gymnastics, appropriate weightlifting, calisthenics, running…and all packaged in fun "challenges." 10am daily, coached by Mitch Fryia ( national University wrestling champion, Olympic weightlifter, gymnastics prodigy and MMA athlete.) Starts December 27. Register your kid online here!


Over the last three months, we've seen some astonishing things with Ignite! – kids who couldn't write doing cursive; adults with brain injury solving difficult mathematical puzzles; teens with ADHD who have started to love reading. We had an essay published in CrossFit Journal that had such a positive response that the Journal started giving away the downloaded copy for free, waiving their usual subscription fee after so many people requested to read the full article.
Ignite! really hit home for me, personally, this week: preparing for a three-hour intensive meeting with local business hero Denis Turcotte, I did a few Ignite! exercises and drills to prime my brain for maximum retention. When we finished our talk, I wanted to go straight to sleep; I was physically drained.
It's common among individuals with ADD to feel physical stress during times of intense focus. This is actually an example of cross-brain confusion: the inability to 'segment' the brain and operate cognitively and physically at the same time. Until recently, I believed that this was the way EVERYONE felt after a period of intense focus. Now I know better.
Tyler is already working on a textbook for teachers (watch for him as a speaker at a Professional Development day in January.) We'll be presenting a weekend course for classroom implementation at the beginning of the new year, with a Certification available by June. Amazing stuff ahead! Plenty more at!

Christmas Goodies from Catalyst!

You've been soooooooo good this year…. (oh, right! You're buying for other people!) Share the gifts that you've been given:

Gift Certificates – 5 Personal Training sessions at our NEW Holiday price!
Gift Certificates – 16-Punch CrossFit Punch Card – $10 off!
Hoodies – Coming soon with the NEW Catalyst Crest!
Tshirts – NEW Catalyst / CrossFit shirts for the Holidays!

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This is a season for self-reflection: did you accomplish what you planned for yourself in 2010? Whether yes or no, you're in a position to improve yourself positively in the next month. In other cultures, this is the season for self-betterment through fasting, intense exercise, meditation, and sharing. In ours, we tend to 'write off' the last month of the year – give ourselves a free pass until January, when EVERYTHING will come together through the magic of New Year's Eve, right? THIS is really the best time to start. I hope you do. Either way, enjoy your family this holiday season. 


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