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 Oh, it's ON.The events for Catalyst Games 2011 are definitely the best ever:#1: a 3.5k run on the Hub Trail – the first race EVER permitted on the gorgeous new system. Open to everyone, whether they're doing the full Games or not! Get a shirt, do event #1…and then spectate for the rest of the weekend if you like. Register here!#2: a power clean ladder. A test of max skill AND strength with a very narrow time window. This is a colourful, loud, EXCITING event to watch…but not as good as hitting it!#3: a surprise…but it's sponsored by Toyota, so it's gotta be good!#4: Cooper's Choice… figure it out!New to the Games this year:Team CategoryPush/Pull (Deadlift/Bench Press Competition) on SundayThe Ignite! Brain Games on SundayEnter one event (#1, above) or all of 'em!Check out the NEW Catalyst Gym! More than twice the space; more than a thousand times the awesomeness! (That's an exaggeration. It's approximately 4.3 times more awesome than it was before.)
The Games are very spectator-friendly; if you'd like to see the Catalyst Family in action, come watch! No charge…but don't commit your vocal chords for the next day. They'll be tired.
Entry deadline is August 26! You can always show and go on Games day….but you won't get a shirt! Get signed up quick! Don't think…just click here!

Thanks again this year to Troy Woods, for kicking in the amazing Grand Prize! More sponsors
 are on board in 2011 than ever before, but it's all thanks to this guy's leadership. Go buy a house!

 One of the most exciting things happening in the fitness world is the realization – finally – that challenging exercise is absolutely necessary for childhood development, both body AND brain. We're leading that charge with Ignite!(below,) and the new Catalyst Varsity Program.Kids and Teens participate in age-appropriate exercise, including:GymnasticsPlyometricsCalisthenicsRunning/pushing/carrying/pullingWeightliftingFun challenges incorporating all of the above!
Ages: Rumble/Tumble: 3-7
             Junior Varsity: – 8-12
  Varsity: 13-18

Information, schedules, fees, and FREE daily workouts are now available at!
Catalyst is now a CrossFit Kids gym!!! To read more about the CrossFit Kids program, click here.

Betty's back in town…..
After Catalyst Games 2010, there was a huge cry for MORE womens' strength training. Inspired by MaryAnn's incredible 300lbs deadlift in the Games, women rallied to the cry of "Strong Is The New Skinny!" and took over the gym. A year later, there are eleven women who can equal that same feat. That's not just rare in Sault Ste. Marie, but worldwide. Way to go, Bettys!
Boys and Girls in the Bettys/Fraternity Barbell program will get their chance to improve their 'fast' lifts – cleans, jerks, snatches, overhead squats, and more – in September, when Barbell Bettys Level II and Fraternity Barbell Level II kick off again! If you're not sure what the program entails, find the strongest woman you know, and ask her…she's a Betty!
Just in case you don't know any strong women:
Strength training that makes you STRONG – not bigStrength that doesn't apologize for itselfTechnique comes before high weightYou're building a better Betty – you – every week! Come to group, do your homework, and start feeling awesome! 

Bettys Level II and Fraternity Barbell restart on September 13! Register online here! (Note: you'll need a gym membership to do your homework.)

A year has passed since that fateful day when Tyler made The Move. Far from quitting the teaching profession, he decided to fully immerse himself into one-on-one instruction. He started reading, studying, learning, practising, applying..and then starting all over again. The result? Ignite is in over a dozen schools in town. Two published studies. A published textbook. Ignite NeuroMotive Coaches certified and practising in Canada and the USA. And now….the Ignite Academy!The Academy is 600sqft of new classroom space in the expanded Catalyst Fitness, and includes:Enrichment programs in speech, moneysense for kids, creative writing…and more awesome stuff!Ignite! Therapy for traumatic brain injury (stroke, car accidents, falls…) After-school homework help, combined with physical challengesA proven program for autism, ADHD, and Asperger's
…and plenty more. Keep a finger over the "refresh" button on!

You've seen the pictures…Catalyst is MUCH bigger now than ever! One of the biggest reasons was our new partnership with Steel City MMA. Quarterbacked by Brent "The Professor" Fryia, the emphasis at Steel City is on quality instruction in:


…for kids AND adults, men AND women. The sheer athletic development to be gained from this type of experience is incredible; the coaching team assembled by Brent is without equal. These are people who have learned at the knees (and elbows) of the best; who know how to teach effectively, to both beginners and the advanced alike; and know the meaning of honour. We're proud to have Steel City MMA as a part of the Catalyst Family. Come and meet them next week: free classes from August 22 – 29! The SCMMA schedule is now online here.

September 1, our evolution as a community takes a big step forward. On that day, we'll open our MUCH-enlarged training centre in the Industrial Park. You'll hear a lot about it, of course, but here's some of the most exciting stuff right away:

Gymnastics equipment and tumbling stuff for the kids' programs. Bright colours, softer landings.1500square feet of mat space for tumbling, martial arts…and finally getting your handstands down!Bleachers – on the second level – to sit on. And watch. And drink coffee (we'll have that, too.)A library. With, like, chairs. And books.The Ignite! Academy on the second level. 600 square feet of learning, in the way we learn best. Kids' groups…at the same time as adult groups. In their own space, but visible. Awesome.Private space for personal training clients, with video feedback capability.3 NEW huge platforms, and 2 new kids' platforms for OLY lifting.High rings (only Cam's going to care about that one.)More space for groups – don't be bullied by the Bettys any longer!

…and plenty more. Seminars in nutrition; clinics by some of the top MMA athletes in Canada; more fundraisers; more excitement! There's never been a better time to be here!

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Steel City MMACatalyst Varsity
The Park (our CrossFit gym)
Personal Training

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Change is tough sometimes. Closing our Queen Street facility in October is not going to be easy. But like any evolution, the wings have gotta break free of the skin…. We'll keep our noon CrossFit group rocking through October, and then offer a "Scaled Only" CrossFit Group at the Park for those who like to keep it light and fast. We're excited for the new addition – our growing Family NEEDS more and better space – and we're focused on providing as much 'awesome' as possible!



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