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The research into brain optimization through exercise has been going on for decades. In the last four years, though, there have been huge milestones in the field. Ignite! is the first program in the WORLD to incorporate fun exercise with in-class learning opportunities.

Students: learn how to focus easier, recall information faster, and actually be INTERESTED in your schoolwork!

Teachers: get their interest and KEEP it! Stop trying to be mediator, and do what you LOVE: teaching!

Parents: HELP your kids get more from their brains, their school time, and their books!

Coaches: add extra benefit to your fitness programs by helping your adults AND kids learn easier!

This is our third book, but it's the easy-to-read book for everyone. You'll learn our science; our methods; our success rates…everything you need to improve your brain through exercise. Pick up your copy at the Park while supplies last…or order online here!


'Tis the season to realize that..well, maybe you're not sure what to get Sally for Christmas. I mean, she's the best admin assistant EVER…and you want to get her something she'll USE…but the Pancake of The Month Club membership didn't really get the reaction you wanted last year.

I'll tell you what Sally wants: pride. She wants to strut. She doesn't want an aerobics class.

She WANTS to do CrossFit. So here's your question: do you invest in her happiness, or do you go for the 2-4-1 ShakeWeight special, and cover your mom's present, too?

Get her a Catalyst gift card for one Personal Training Session, 5 Personal Training Sessions, CrossFit passes, or gym memberships…. click here to browse!

Or maybe…something like THIS: ….or THESE?!?……
or the new 'Catalyst Creed' shirts?


Q+A With Coach Coop – FREE!

Have questions about fitness, nutrition, CrossFit, athletic training, Catalyst….or anything related? This is your chance to speak personally with an expert from the privacy of your own home!

On December 9 at 11am, Chris will be answering questions LIVE, streaming over the internet from Catalyst Gym. If you have a question you'd like answered, just click here: Q+A With Coach Coop – December 9, 11am and ask away! Prefer privacy? No problem. Email your question to, with "q+a" in the subject line!

In the meantime, here's a video on Coop's philosophy, the history of Catalyst, the Family, the Park, the Team, what 'personal training' means …and a few other tidbits. Enjoy. 
q+a with coop.wmv


SUPERMEET/Potluck Party

December 17, we'll be hosting one of the best events of the year at Catalyst.

The SUPERmeet is a powerlifting meet AND an Olympic Lifting meet AND a CrossFit 'feat of strength' squeezed into a narrow time window. Think you're strong? Try hitting a 1-rep max in these six lifts within two hours:

Back Squat




Clean and Jerk

Weighted Pullup

….for a total score. Lift attempts must be made to competition standards (they'll be judged.) Three attempts at a max in each lift (excluding warmups,) two hours from first lift to last. 9am-2pm. Register online here.

At 4pm, join the Catalyst Family and SCMMA crew for a holiday potluck in the Park! Bring the kids for a roll on the mats; bring a dish (and a chair) and your favourite stories from 2011. It's been a great one – let's send it out in style! Uh, no registration necessary. Feels weird to write that….

On December 28 and 29, let's break the mould.


Steel City MMA presents: An Introduction to MMA for Women. 1pm-3pm both days. Participants will be coached in basic skills for:


This is a womens'-only group, coached by Brent Fryia, professional MMA fighter. Class size is limited! Register online here, or call 256-1344.


1pm-3pm on Dec. 28/29. $25 (plus HST.)


Time to shatter some misconceptions…..

FREE SWIM ON SATURDAY! Come to the John Rhodes pool at 8pm for an hour in the pool with Cait and Cam! Try a CrossFit Swim Workout, or just do your thing. Limit 30 people; call 256-1344 to sign up! Adults: your kids are YOUR responsibility; no drop-offs, please!



It's been years…but our training rates are going up (a bit.)


If you're a member in good standing on 12/31, your gym membership won't change. Your CrossFit group rates won't change, either. And if you already have a personal training package, you'll just continue at the same rate until the package is gone.

In fact, we'll still be the lowest-priced professional trainers in town. At just $60, our one-time personal training session (as low as $50 per hour with a package, or $35 per half hour with a package) is much lower than most Personal Trainers in the Sault. And if you watched the video above, you'll know just how remarkable that rate really is.

How can we charge less? Simple: people like us better. They stick around longer. We'll get by. Wanna beat the clock: it's totally fair. Get your package before 12/31, and keep the lower rate! Click here to buy!


Quick Links…

Steel City MMA
Catalyst Varsity


The Park (our CrossFit gym)

Personal Training


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With all that I receive during the year, it's my pleasure to give something back. The Ignite! book was our greatest (non-human) triumph this year – hundreds of 5am workdays have resulted in these 400 pages of awesome stuff. The annual Catalyst 'Christmastime' clothing ALWAYS sells out quickly, so I've ordered more than usual this year to match its awesomeness. And the new gift cards make it easy for you to receive….uh, SHARE the gift of Catalyst. 

The addition of SCMMA has brought a massive swagger to the place. Time for the women to benefit, too: get in there and roll, ladies! Brent's giving you 4 hours of the BEST martial arts training in Northern Ontario: take advantage! 

Finally, I'm really excited to do the online video Q+A on the 9th. If you have any questions that you'd like to ask anonymously, email them to, and get your answer on the 9th! Totally unscripted, totally candid…just the way we like it around here! 



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