CrossFit teaches you to move better.  Workouts are intense, and will get you into better shape than you’ve ever been, no matter what your starting point.

Getting Started?

method 1: just show up!


To start training with us, choose a class that looks interesting, show up, and try it.  All of our classes are open — we don’t require that you go through any kind of intro course before jumping in.

We particularly encourage you to stop by our Saturday Morning (9am) class — this will give you a great taste of what CrossFit is all about (and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions afterwards!)



If this all seems a little overwhelming, give our OnRamp Program a try.  We created that one just for those of you who want a more gradual start to things!  We’ll go over the movements you’ll encounter in most CrossFit workouts one at a time in detail, so you get up to speed and don’t feel lost in our other classes.  This is also ideal for you if you’re starting from a lower fitness level — we’ll take you from zero to hero!


Crossfit groups are sold in punch-card form, in 4,8,16, or unlimited denominations.
You don’t need a gym membership to do Crossfit, but it brings the cost down substantially! 
Our gym was built specifically to accomodate Crossfit groups; we’re well-stocked and can handle big groups without interference.  We can also tailor a workout to your group’s needs, provide personal training onsite, or develop a specific training plan for your sports or corporate group.


DROP-IN RATE:    $16

4 SESSIONS:  $52


16 SESSIONS:  $128 (our most popular by far!)


Queen St. Gym: Weekdays at Noon!

Industrial Park Gym: 7am,Noon, and 7pm


  • Training with people but competing against yourself
  • Developing functional strength that is useful in the real world
  • Minimum training time to produce maximum training results
  • A fusion of calisthenics, Olympic weightlifting, circuit training, cardio, track and gymnastics
  • Constantly varied to maximise the training response
  • Full body training blending strength and aerobic conditioning
  • Group training, comraderie and community
  • For everybody – scaleable and effective for everyone from novice to elite

“CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program built on constantly varied, if not randomised, functional movements executed at high intensity.”
   – Coach Greg Glassman, CrossFit HQ

If you are interested in effective training that leads to being the very best that you can be, please download and read the excellent “foundations” article on the CrossFit site and then come and join us for a workout!


Q. The training sessions look too hard, is CrossFit just for elite athletes?

One of the great things about CrossFit is that the training can be “scaled” to suit everyone, regardless of their skill or fitness level. Scaling means that the same workout can be adjusted for different individuals by keeping the same format but substituting different exercises, changing the intensity, reducing or increasing the volume (number of reps or rounds), or changing the amount of rest.

Q. Can I do CrossFit if I don’t know how to do Olympic weightlifting? Lifts like the Clean and Jerk and the Snatch look dangerous?

CrossFit is for everyone, not just elite athletes that already know how to do Olympic lifting. We say that a lot because it is an important message. Olympic lifts are an important part of CrossFit because they are highly functional complex movements that produce a fantastic training effect. The lifts are safe providing that they are taught and learnt in a progressive and scaled manner, so that the technique is drilled and understood prior to adding any weight. For beginners we use broomsticks as a substitute for the bar, and only once correct form is consistently demonstrated do we start scaling the weight. This is an effective and safe way to learn O’lifting. If you have never done weightlifting before that is OK. We simply scale the CrossFit workout for you and substitute alternative exercises using broomsticks and dumbells.


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