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OnRamp Starts February 8!

You may have exercised before. You may have run before. You may be an excellent rower; a strong lifter; a kettlebell expert. But you've never done CrossFit before.

CrossFit is the combination of the best of all these things in a bootcamp-with-brains configuration. Every day. learn something new. Practice your skills under the watchful eye of an elite coach. Then 3,2,1, go!…you're in the midst of an intense workout that's challenging and fun…like a sport (see below.) 

Who's right for OnRamp?

Exercisers looking for something very different, but using their strengthsFirst-timers to the CrossFit philosophyNever-evers who want to learn how to exercise properlyLong-time workout buffs who want to improve technique and intensityBootcampers and P90X fans who are ready for the next level of knowledgeOnRamp grads who want to go again for 50% off!

In January, we filled our first group so quickly that we added a second. Then, we added a third, and filled it. On February 8, we'll start our next group (half-filled, in advance) and then we'll add more. Stay up-to-date on our facebook page, or call 705-256-1344 to sign up now!


 CrossFit Games 2012 Starts February 22, with the CrossFit Open: a worldwide competition to find the fittest on the planet.

Some of our members (whom we lovingly refer to as The Green Army) have been preparing for months. Even if you haven't, though, the Games is a shining example of why we love CrossFit: the same workouts that will find the fittest on earth are possible to complete by ANYONE. You could do these workouts – in a scaled-down version – on your FIRST DAY of CrossFit. You may not win, but you'll immediately see why Reebok, ESPN, and all the rest of us are so interested in this new Sport of Fitness. 

Locally, you can catch the action on Thursday nights at 7pm, and Sundays at noon, when the Green Army takes their shot at each of five weekly challenges. Want to try them? Good. Use your CrossFit Punch Card to be part of it!

Football Strength and Conditioning Group

Training Science has come a long way since the 1980s. For awhile, football teams thought it was best to have the same stuff you'd see at Planet Fitness: biceps curl machines, leg extensions, Smith machines. That's all over now.

REAL strength, power, and toughness comes not from the chrome and powdercoat, but from the iron and chalk. It's not the product of a chest/back/biceps/legs program, but the result of a properly-staged progression from strength to power to speed.

 Commitment. Hard work. Sweat. Consistency. Intensity. That's what this program costs. What's it worth? It's priceless. How much? $400 (members,) $520 (non-members, includes membership for the duration of the program.) Plus HST, blood, sweat, and tears.

Wednesday evenings at 8pm; Saturdays at 1pm. February 1 – April 21. Get it on. 705-256-1344 or

Ignite! Academy News
NEW Enrichment Programs for February
Move-A-Matics: We're continuing this VERY popular program, combining fun exercise games with math lessons, on Mondays at 6pm. New session starts February 22nd.
Creative Writing For Kids – This new program will provide right-hemisphere stimulation and growth in the same format Public Speaking For Kids did in January. Got a budding writer, or a kid who wants to get their story down? We'll help them publish their first book as at the end of this program, through our own publisher! Our Books Are Here.
Both groups include daily homework on the Ignite! Academy site, and six weeks of brain-building exercise and cognitive challenges. Kids LOVE these! Call 705-256-1344 to register, or email

Family Day Party – for the first time ever, we're VERY excited to host Family Day in our OWN facility! In previous years, we've rented gymnastics clubs and swimming pools….now we're bringing it home!
From 12:00 until 3:00pm, bring your kids for Ignite! Challenges, rumble/tumble groups, the Ignite! Spelling Bee and Tall Tales Public Speaking Challenge, and our 2012 Story Awards! No charge – more details soon at !

Just in time for the end of the school year, we'll be starting to offer HOMEWORK HELP and TUTORING for students. Following the Ignite! Assessment, students will schedule tutoring sessions with registered teachers Melanie Rose and Tyler Belanger after school, at their convenience. Help will include a physical component, as per the Ignite! method.  

Ignite! Certification Seminars

The Ignite! AntiAggression Seminar was fantastic – 8 hours of curriculum with many Interventions. The Social Workers who attended were terrific – many had never been to Catalyst before – but they all somersaulted, squatted, and planked their way to knowledge. As always, the 'jam session' at the end was my personal favourite part – people making connections, sharing overlapping knowledge, and adding their experience into the mix. Bravo!

The Certification Team will be offering a one-day NeuroMotive Coach Course on February 18th in Sault Ste. Marie. This is NOT the full Certification, but an overview of the Ignite! concept and methodology. Participants will be invited to complete their study with the Ignite! NeuroMotive Coach Online Course…..finally available February 1!


That's right….the Online NeuroMotive Coach Cert is available in the first week of February. For more information, click through to the Ignite! Certification Site.


CrossFit Kids / Catalyst Varsity

The CrossFit Kids program has been exploding lately! Parents LOVE that their kids can work out while THEY work out in their CrossFit Groups. They love that the kids are stronger, faster, and learn to LOVE exercise! Win-win!

We do three separate programs:

Rumble/Tumble, aged 4-7 – Saturday mornings at 9am

CrossFit Kids / Catalyst Varsity, aged 8 and up (to 15) – Tuesdays at 4:30, Thursdays at 7pm, Saturday mornings at 10am

Youth Jiu-Jitsu – Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30pm, Saturday mornings at 11am

Get all the details at !

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