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Personal Training
When's the best time to plant a tree? Thirty years ago. When's the next-best time? Today. This will be among the messages we deliver at IgniteSault on February 10. There are over a dozen more, learned over 14 years in the trenches as a Personal Trainer. Want the benefit when you train? Get together, one-on-one, and reap the rewards of personal attention from someone with a University degree and many years' experience. All of our Trainers share those traits. We're in it for the long haul; this isn't our part-time, pay-for-college job. When we're unsuccessful, we don't eat. We're desparate for YOUR success. Doesn't that sound like someone you'd like on your side?
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This Month:

February OnRampKids' Jiu-Jitsu: RUMBLE/TUMBLE!The Nutri-Ninjas!The February Competitive Calendar!Barbell Bettys Level II!Ignite! Junior Readers!

You ever try to light a fire in the winter? It's tough. You have to start small, with tiny twigs, and slowly expand until you've built a solid foundation. It takes time. But once that fire's roaring, it's practically unstoppable.
That's OnRamp. For folks interested in learning the solid fundamentals of weightlifting, calisthenics, running, and CrossFit, OnRamp is three weeks' worth of coaching to get you onto the Fitness Superhighway. In a small group of folks who are just like you, you'll learn to train hard, train smart, and keep a fire roaring.
February is the shortest month. It's still big enough to change everything. OnRamp starts February 7. Schedule: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings at 6pm; Saturday mornings at 8am for 3 weeks. 15 sessions over 21 days, $199. Register online here, or call 705-256-1344.

 If you've REALLY got your ear to the ground, you'll have heard that we're about to start a kids' Jiu-Jitsu / grappling program. Coach Mitch is going to quarterback a big selection of new Kids' groups, starting in February. But first, he's going to travel to San Diego to see how the ORIGINAL CrossFit Kids structures their classes, and learn from the best. From there, we'll be greatly expanding our offering for kids – including more age groups for Catalyst Kids, a Rumble/Tumble program combining grappling with elementary gymnastics, working with Ty to expand the Ignite! Program, and with Whit to develop an Acrobatics class for Kids, combining dance with gymnastics. Amazing stuff! We'll have to keep you waiting a BIT longer for scheduling, but you can check here as often as you like for details and schedules….


The Ninjas are likely the most-anticipated group of 2011. After our wildly successful pilot project in the fall, a dozen in the group (originally limited to 6!) have been eagerly inquiring about the 'real' Nutri-Ninjas.

The Ninjas know that the way to real weight loss is change over time, and take the long-view philosophy. It's not a diet group. It's one slow, meaningful change every week for 4 months. Sample discussion, recipes and lesson plans are online at (see for yourself!) but the REALLY amazing part is the group interaction. Coached by Anna Cappelli, a Master in the field. Thursday nights at 5pm, downtown in our private facility. $35/mo for four months, with a $30 equipment fee at signup. Photography session included at the end! Call 705-256-1344 to sign up!

February Events, and Green Army Training Update!

Our competitive team (The Green Army) has never been better prepared heading into Sectionals. Last year's "weekly challenge" has turned into a daily toes-to-the-flames beatdown, with early workouts lasting as long as 90 minutes and featuring many days with two or three challenges. At this point, it's a race to see WHICH woman will become the third in our history to get a muscle-up, and which guy will shatter the first record on the board. It's no longer a matter of "IF." Sectionals details were released yesterday; they start on March 15th, and you can read about them here if you're interested. With the changes to the Sectionals format this year, you'll have a chance to take a swing at the six Challenges, even if you're not on the team. Be ready: to help, we have two competitions scheduled for February.
Feb 5 – FunBobby Kwasny's Intergalactic Throwdown – three events to raise funds for New Hope Animal Shelter in Thunder Bay. $10 entry, $40 gets you the best event t-shirt we've ever seen. BONUS: Challenge #3 is named for Frank, the beloved pet of Kath McGuire, who passed away last week. Pay the $10 registration fee online here, and bring the rest on the 5th if you like.
Feb 12 – the one you've been waiting for! Defiance is at CASS! Watch the video trailer here, make the 30-minute trip, and survive to the end! Register online here.

Bettys Level II
Ladies, this has always bothered us: despite decades of research to the contrary, most fitness 'experts' still believe that lifting heavy weights makes you big and bulky. You're encouraged not to do important lifts for the fear of being 'big' – and the real question is, why? Do the 'gurus' honestly turn a blind eye to the evidence…and why would they rather you keep doing circuit training on machines and buying supplements and diet books?
REAL strength comes from a barbell. REAL improvement to your physique and metabolism don't come from eating 'whole grains' and self-loathing, but from more lean muscle and little drips of sweat. The 'bootcamp' craze has been good for many women. This is the next level.
Bettys is an underground collective of powerful women in Sault Ste. Marie. They're not big, but skilled; not heavy, but confident.
There's a lot to learn. We divide up the Barbell Bettys by different skillsets. In Level II, Bettys learn to do the clean; the jerk; the snatch; double-unders; and build toward pullups. They practice weekly as a group, and then several times per week on their own, with homework (wanna see? Look at to get a sense of it.)
Barbell Bettys II starts on February 21st. Sign up by calling (705)256-1344. 5:30pm on Mondays; 6 weeks. $119 for non-members (you'll have a gym membership included for 6 weeks) or $79 for members. Let's get strong!

Ignite! Junior Readers
Tyler's been writing his brains out – literally – with the goal of creating a Certification manual for teachers. That means time away from writing curriculum. Luckily, he's been developing the Ignite program hands-on with clients with ADHD, autism, and brain injuries every day, and he's ready to implement a reading-specific group for all ages.
Combining basic gymnastics skills with language is revolutionary. Kids are asked to bring their own homework – from their school grade level – and be ready to tumble! 4 weeks, Saturday mornings at 10am at our downtown location. 40 weeks for $40 (plus HST.)
THIS IS ENRICHMENT THROUGH EXERCISE. Get ready for a kid who loves to read!
To sign your kid (age 6-10, please) up for the group: 705-256-1344, or click here to do it online.

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Change is tough. No one likes it (that's the Lizard Brain talking.) But survival and forward movement demand that you change; that you expose yourself to positive stress; that you continually overcome obstacles. We're changing. We ask, as is our job and responsibility, that you change. Over the next few weeks (and at IgniteSault, live) we'll be talking about HOW the change process works; how to make it easier; and how to make it permanent. Thanks for staying with us…


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