May Evening OnRamp

Beach This is going to be a long summer.  Our snow was gone by May, and though temperatures haven't been far above the average, you're going to be outside a lot.  At friends' houses.  In backyards. Hopefully, at the beach.

In shorts.  In T-shirts.  In less.  Doing stuff.  Playing.  Digging.  Working.  Sweating.

This is NOT a beach-body ad.  Yes, I care about how you look.  Yes, I want you to seek occasions to take your shirt off.  But I'm more interested in what you do with yourself.

Will THIS be the summer you show up for your buddy's beach volleyball game and barbeque….or another summer when you politely decline, and watch movies inside instead? Will THIS be the summer you put 1000k on your bike – like you believed you'd do when you bought it – or will it it stay a statue in your garage? Will THIS summer be the one you wear shorts?  A sleeveless shirt?  Will you play frisbee? Will you sit on your blanket, watch your kids, and say, "Oh, I wish I had their energy?" Will you plant a garden?  Will you go to a party where you don't know anyone? 

OnRamp isn't just about abs.  It's about strength.  It's about slowly becoming a member of a community of happy, confident, exercising people.  Whitney and Coop won't introduce you only to deadlifts, squats, handstands, and snatches….they'll introduce you to two hundred others, all very different, all just like you. Better yet, they'll introduce you to the person you could be.  

Big promises, yes.  And we've never found, in decades of cumulative experience, a program that could deliver them – until we found CrossFit.

There's a person, standing only a foot in front of you, who's on that road already.  They're not yet among the uberfit; but their clothes feel a bit better.  Their chin is up.  They make more eye contact.  They're noticing their triceps.  Want to be in their shoes?  All it takes is one small step:

Register here for May OnRamp.  Evenings for two weeks with Whit, evenings for one week with Coop, culminating in Baseline Week: our annual week-long celebration of personal bests. If you choose, finish the week with a Midnight 5k run with about 50 of your new workout partners (and a band, and maybe a can of beer!) and a smile.  It's gonna be a great summer.


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