Stories From Catalyst: June 2013

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It's almost June! 

Let's go outside.


Our favourite run of the year – the Mountain Maple – will be on May 26th this year. Run on soft trails through gorgeous maple forest, winding upward to crest in a 100-year-old apple orchard. Check it out here. 

For the more adventurous, Obstacle Course Races like Spartan Race and MetCon Blue are coming up soon. Jarret's OCR training group starts Thursday, May 16th (6 until 7pm.) Learn techniques for climbing ropes, getting over walls, or just running uphill forever! Click here to register.

If you plan to increase your distance this summer, or just go faster at intermediate-distance races up to a marathon, Cam's Intermediate Running Group picks up where his Beginner Running Group left off. Learn race strategies, nutrition, and exercises that will cut back your total mileage without missing a step. Sign up online here. 

June OnRamp


How do you get started at Catalyst? OnRamp. Over six sessions, friendly Catalyst coaches will take you through the basics and make you comfortable in a new way to approach fitness. Though our OnRamp group class sells out EVERY MONTH, you can always jump the line by booking five half-hour Personal Training sessions instead. The small group is more fun, but the one-on-one attention is faster! You choose. Book online here!

Inside Catalyst, our most popular womens' group of all time is back.


Barbell Bettys is an introduction (or reinforcement of the basics) in barbell techniques (back squat, press, bench press, push press, deadlift, and good morning) and some base-level instruction on exercises like pullups and pushups. EVERY WOMAN ON EARTH should be strong. Dumbbell training and machines don't make you that way. Bettys does. Click here to read more, or click here to sign up!

Ignite Summer Enrichment Camps

We use fun games and challenging fitness to stimulate the brain, create a fun environment, and create optimal learning.
Some children prefer the physical challenges; some look forward to the academic/cognitive games. Either way, we have a group for them this summer.

Click here to read more about our kids' day camps at Catalyst and Ignite for the summer!

Students who are returning to Catalyst are eligible for 

summer membership rates. New students (welcome!) are eligible for summer Open Gym times after they complete OnRamp


Mountain Maple

Every year, our favourite race is the Mountain Maple. It's an early 5k on a grassy course through an historic maple bush that summits into an apple orchard from the 1800s. Low pressure, with a few hills. 

It's also a kid-friendly race (Avery and Theo enjoy the cookies afterward) with shorter courses and a ton of prizes. Register at Catalyst, or check the Mountain Maple facebook page for more information. 
Catalyst is ALWAYS very proud to sponsor the Mountain Maple. Get out and wear your green!

Barbell Bettys

The Bettys Mantra:

We started the Barbell Bettys program four years ago because we believed that women need exposure to REAL strength training. In almost every other species, females are – at minimum – as strong as the males. Slowly, the rest of the fitness world is coming around to the viewpoint that weights DON'T make women "manlike." 

This myth is routinely being slayed by CrossFit women around the world. Weights don't make women less ladylike – they just make them less weak. No one would call Coach Charity bulky, but her small frame can pick 355lbs up off the floor and hold it at her waist – a feat that most MEN at most GYMS can't accomplish. Let her show you what real strength means. Thursday nights at 8pm (yes, we know it's bedtime for your kids. Be strong.) Starting May 16th. Register online here, or call 705-256-1344.

Where's Coop?

May/June: Canada East (Toront0) and West (Vancouver) Regionals, Polyface Farms (Virginia) – (home of Joel Salatin from The Omnivore's Dilemma.) 

On June 2nd, Catalyst will take a Varsity Team to Reebok CrossFit FirePower in Milton, ON to compete in a CrossFit Kids Gauntlet event! 

In July, Coop will be going to the Games in Carson; we're booked for an Ignite Cert and 321Go Seminar in TX in August, and the CrossFit Affiliate Gathering in MO during August too. Lots of airmiles coming up! Watch for stories in CrossFit Journal, CrossFit for Hope, and on the CrossFit Games site.



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The Internship program at Catalyst started on Saturday with a talent pool that's as deep as it is wide. Five interns from various backgrounds – all of them competent and educated already – will proceed through twelve weeks of intensive study, practice, and shadowing. Our goal is to elevate our Trainers beyond even our current advanced level of expertise. 
Soon, Personal Training clients will benefit from video feedback during their sessions. CrossFit athletes will enjoy an ever-improving class setting, as well as video tutorials and more educational content on our brand new website. When you get this excited about quality and education, you know you're onto something really awesome. See you on the platform!

 – Chris

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