Stories From The Gym – April 2012

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March came in – and is going out – like a LION at the Park. With the beautiful warm weather, we had the big doors open, lots of running outside, and even a team log carry/press workout last weekend! My favourite time of year at the gym is the summer – when other gyms fall off, we're busiest. Maybe because we 'take it outside,' or combine CrossFit with outdoor movements every day. 

The Catalyst Green Army qualified for CrossFit Regionals in Toronto May 11,12, and 13. We have fans coming to cheer and help. That's….not normal. Amazing! If you didn't read it already, this is my 'Thanks!' to coaches, fans, and athletes.

Our usual kickoff to Spring is Murph. This year, we pushed it back to April 14. Murphis one of our biggest, funnest events every year; it's hard enough to be scary (and give you a good reason to train hard!) but simple enough that EVERYONE completes it eventually. No technical skills required; runners will fare well with the start and end, even if they find the calisthenic portion tough. 

One more thing before we get to the client stories: I'm really, really excited to bring out some new Ignite Enrichment programs this month. A drama program for kids, a CampFire Guitar immersion course – these are things you just won't find at gyms anywhere else, but match our mandate of coaching, combining, and teaching things in completely different ways than you'll find anywhere else. Go learn something!


After weeks of development, the Ignite Tutoring program is running with its first batch of students. Incorporating the Ignite methodology – movement, then learning – and by keeping sessions fun, kids and teens LOVE the sessions. Call Melanie at 

705-256-1344 for more information, or click here.


Drama for Kids

Want your kid to succeed in life? One of the best gifts you can give them is confidence. With drama, kids learn to speak up; to use inflection in their voice; to be charismatic, and less self-aware. They LOVE it. Taught by Joe Leblanc, this 10-week class will start with basics and end with a short production.Register online here, or call 705-256-1344.


Campfire Guitar

As adults, it's hard to challenge ourselves to learn new things. We need results FAST, or we won't make the time to do things just for their own sake. This 10-week class will have you playing 10 popular 'CampFire' songs by the end of June, even if you've never played before. Learn some basic chords, some basic voice (optional) and practise with a group of other rookie rocksters. Bring a guitar, not a fire. Register online here, or call 705-256-1344.


Our last movement-based math class of the Spring starts April 9! Mondays at 6pm, ages 7+! Open to new students AND returnees! Perform tumbling, gymnastics, CrossFit Kids, and all levels of math! Ever heard your kid get excited to go to math class? You will….. register online here, or call 705-256-1344.
  Athlete Profile: Stephanie Parniak

"My journey began in May 2010. I have to confess, the idea of being at "the Park" freaked me out a lot. That's where the real athletes trained, not someone like me. …."
Read the rest of Parnzy's story here.
"Catalyst is so much more than a gym. I can't imagine being anywhere else!" 

Spring Beginner Running Group

Shake off the cobwebs! The road is dry, and it's calling for you! Get ready to run this summer. Learn to run the right way, train for your first 5k, or get back in the groove in time for the Mountain Maple 2012! One of the most beautiful, forgiving courses you'll ever experience, the Mountain Maple is a favourite early 'race' among our members. Start in a grassy field, jog with the crowd through sugar maple, slowly climbing to an apple orchard, complete with stone fences. Not too hot, not too cold, and no mosquitoes*. Race-worthy for the elite, walkable for the beginner. You can be ready! 

Train with Cam Wilson at Catalyst, Thursday nights at 5:30, for 6 weeks leading up to the Mountain Maple. Sign up here, or call 705-256-1344.


Athlete Profile: Andrew Oliver

 "For myself it was because I'd never really been to a gym… ever. I found the idea of trying to do something I had never done before, in front of a tonne of people I didn't know intimidating to say the least. Allison had tried crossfit before and recommended the OnRamp program. We figured we didn't really have much to lose so we gave it a shot… I've been hooked ever since."

Read the rest of Andrew's story here.

Strongman Training Camp

If you're playing a power sport, or have seen Strongman training before….or just want to get a heck of a lot stronger, get in here! Coach Dana Skytta (NAS Competitor) instructs on Atlas stones, Log Pressing, Farmers' Walk, Car Pulls, odd object lifts, and TONS more. Wednesdays at 7:30pm starting April 25. Sign up online here, or call 705-256-1344.


Starting Strength

This is Whitney. You know her already. She's a Park favourite; she's a competitive CrossFit athlete; she's a Coach; she's everyone's best friend. 

In April, she'll start coaching the Starting Strength method by Mark Rippetoe. It's a fantastic way for Barbell Bettys and Billys to learn the fundamental lifts, brush up on technique, or learn a different approach to getting STRONG. Whit's been using the program for months, and she loves it. Thursday nights at 5:30, starting in May (after Regionals.) 


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A TON of stuff going on in April and May. Show up and learn something new – there's no limit to what you can do and be in life!



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