Stories From The Park: Catalyst Fitness, October 2012

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Lucas Proulx: Youth On Top

I didn't have a certain spot I wanted to finish overall. My focus was definitely just more on trying to do my all-out best on each individual event, having a blast, and participating to help the Northern Ontario CrossFit community grow. The thought of finishing top 3 didn't even cross my mind until Jon (1st place) told me I was going to win, about 2 weeks before the competition. I guess he forgot about how well he was going to do. Overall biggest surprise of the Games was seeing the 55-year-old Spirit of The Games winner [Betty-Lou Mancuso] hold her chin-up for 2 fricken minutes! When I saw her casually chatting with her judge as she passed my max-effort 53 sec. mark I was stoked! ….read the rest of this fantastic interview with "the kid from Manitoulin," Lucas Proulx. 

How To Get Started at Catalyst

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

We are professional coaches. Catalyst is a gym where all members are coached individually, in small groups, or on large teams.

Everyone starts at Catalyst in one of two ways:

1) Personal Training – one-on-one, private sessions of a half-hour or full hour. The individual attention of the best Trainers around. Homework, food plans, and expertise are all part of our service.

2) OnRamp – members interested in CrossFit (or just Open Gym access) pass through a six-session course on movement standards and skills. For some, it's a fresh start; for some, it's a refresher. Everyone learns SOMETHING valuable; many with workout experience are surprised to find how much more there is to learn beyond the typical 'gym experience' of treadmills and bench presses. A small group of 4, beginning the first Monday of every month. 

Don't know which is best? Book a free consultation with one of our Trainers here, and discuss with them. 

*note: OnRamp frequently sells out far in advance. Register now for November, or book 5 Personal Training sessions instead!

Cindy Henson: Making The Podium

Three years ago my friend Stephanie kept trying to convince me to try out this really fun gym. We did the "Cindy", my least favourite wod. I was hooked on the first day, there was no turning back. 

I love training!! No WOD is too hard unless it's rowing. When a coach says he's going to kill us, I'm thinkng "Oh yeah!" I take two rest days a week, working hard on the other five days. Training with my family makes it more fun and is great conversation around the dinner table.

I'm doing the Green Army training for the next 6 months. The training will be intense but rewarding. Working on my weaknesses will also be a big target… read the rest of the interview here!


Move-A-Matics: Ages 6-10

Help your child get better at math…in a way they'll love! Combining CrossFit Kids with age-specific math lessons, Move-A-Matics is a favourite program for parents. Have you ever seen your kid excited for math? You will.

Starts October 1 at 5pm. 6 weeks for $75! Register online through our website, or for information, visit, or email (or call 705-256-1344.)

No Surprise: Jessica King

I honestly hadn't thought about where I would place going in to the Games. A couple of people had asked me over the summer if I was working towards a podium finish and I was caught off guard because where I would place hadn't entered my head at all.
I trained hard for the games simply for the joy of training. I would have trained this summer even if there were no Games but the Games were an incentive to stay focused. Read the rest of the interview here!


Catalyst Varsity – Building Fit Kids

The Varsity program exploded in September, with 23 new preteens and teens registering. We have a few exciting additions that we'll be introducing by October 1:

1) the Varsity pullup rig – a freestanding cube in Varsity colours beside the mat, built for teens. 

2) the new Varsity Levels system – kids progress at different levels, regardless of age. As they acquire new skills, we can now move them up and down levels in each workout without separating them. Every new Varsity athlete will receive a white, green or dark green wristband, and be 'promoted' as they improve. More details can be found here.

3) we're adding a new Saturday group! Varsity athletes can now choose between 10am and 11am on Saturday mornings. Jarrett will be joining the staff as assistant Varsity Coach this week, too!

Want to get YOUR kids involved in a sport that's inclusive, fun, and helps them get better at EVERY OTHER SPORT? Catalyst Varsity is the way. 705-256-1344.


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The Catalyst Games were a revelation. EVERY skill level participated – from elite athlete to beginners with only a month under their belts. EVERY participant succeeded. The 2100+ facebook photos were testament to the fun and excitement of our largest annual event. Thanks again to Mel and Ty for running the thing – it's a HUGE undertaking – so that I could compete. Watch for FranFest November 17, and some really special stuff happening in December!

 – Chris

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