Today's Workout: 021311

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Duncan Martin 90lbs (age 12, 85lb BW), Jack Marks 95lbs (age 12, 90lb BW), Keegan Martin 225lbs (age 17, 145lb BW), Connor Martin 255lbs.

(check out the ages of the competitors above.)  Then check out the scene from CASS!

Defiance was awesome! Thanks, Ray – it was a one-man show!

Some good reading, from Joe Scott on Friday:

I was talking with some friends the other night and it struck me that
they simply dismissed my lifestyle as a requirement of my job.

I've often had people equate my person drive to physical fitness to be
due to my occupation, that because I am in the army I need to be fit.
While that is completely plausible, it's always annoyed me that those
same people use it as an excuse not to be fit themselves.

I truly believe that every person should be physically fit.  Our bodies
weren't designed to sit dormant, they were designed to hunt, run, forage
and fight.  Even in some of today's more benign career paths, fitness
will benefit you, your friends and your family.

Every person is confronted with an activity they could have performed
better if they had a better level of physical fitness. Regardless of
your occupation, you will be called upon to complete a task that you
could have done better if you had a higher level of personal fitness.
It could be while at home during a rush job to clean the house for
unexpected guests, returning from the grocery store with a heavy bag of
groceries or while at work when the elevator breaks or even struggling
with a case of paper.  It may even happen when going to or from home; a
higher level of personal fitness would definitely be required when you
get a flat or run out of gas on a cold and miserable night.

Worst case scenario, being fit could save your life, or the life of
those you love.

I recently witnessed a home near me going up in flames and it helped
cement just how important fitness is.  The typical home in my
neighbourhood has two children, a family pet, and at least one our two
adults.  If we are diligent we take some precautions; we put up fire
alarms and CO2 monitors, we may even teach our kids escape routes and
form-up points in case of an emergency.  For the most part we attempt to
prepare with the least effort on our parts because we figure it will
never happen to us

If you are lucky enough a fire will happen during the day, while
everyone is awake or away.  Let's be honest do you think most people
have the strength or stamina to evacuate the members of their house?  I
think most people would have trouble dragging their own sorry butt out
of the flames.  What if it happens at night when everyone is asleep, or
you or someone you love is injured?  Do you have the strength and
discipline to potentially carry out your dog, children or spouse?

Maybe your home or office won't go up in flames but this scenario could
be played out in so many different ways.

Imagine yourself out on the water during a family fishing trip or day at
the beach, what if tragedy struck?  Do you have the strength to hoist
your loved ones out of the water? Or lift them up on the dock?  Do you
have the endurance to swim to their rescue or back to shore if you had
to?  Sure you may have life jackets, but lifejackets are only valuable
if the person isn't being tossed around by the waves and swallowing
water.  Lifejackets are only temporary assistance until help can arrive.
Can you be that help?  Could you help yourself?

The possible circumstances are endless, but all of them could be
assisted by being dedicating a bit of time to being more physically fit.
You may still be under the belief that nothing tragic will ever happen
to you, maybe you need to read the news more often or maybe you need to
take a look out your window and at your neighbours.  I bet someone you
know could use a strong hand, will you lend it?  Are you even capable of
lending it?

Me, I'll lean on the side of precaution and make sure I am able to drag
my family and myself to safety if I ever need to.  By the way, my family
is with me at the gym.  One can never know when they may need help;
they're doing their best to be ready just in case.  Besides, we're
having a blast and hanging out together and truly living, what more
could you ask for?

In short, the boy scouts motto is "Always be prepared".  Do you feel

J.M. Scott
B Troop Commander
49th Field Regiment Royal Canadian Artillery
National Defence
Government of Canada

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