Today's Workout: 021610

Warmup / skills:

Alternating arm kettlebell / dumbbell clean and press

Ring Dips (with and without kip) progression


5000lbs overhead

…for time.  Each rep must touch the ground and achieve full overhead lockout.

Yesterday, we featured a short video clip of Mike talking about running.  It was just an intro…there's plenty more where that came from!  Check every Monday for more in-depth running tips!  (By the way, here's a link to his new beginner's running group, starting March 9.)

Another sneak preview: we're expanding our Youth group offerings.  Catalyst Teens (ages 10-15) will now span FOUR groups: 

Tuesday Night at 7pm

Wednesday Night at 6pm

Wednesday Night at 7pm

Saturday Morning at 10am

…lots more info to follow, as we continue our week-long series of essays on youth athletic development.

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