Today's Workout: 031211

For time:
Run 1 mile
100 Sit-ups
100 Deadlifts (M: 135; W: 95)

Run 1 mile

Mix and match deadlifts and sit-ups as needed.

What better way to prepare for Murph 2011 – next weekend!?!?  Sign up online here, or get registered! Already, more than 35 folks are on the list!

On the Green Army List: Coop. Esther. Deb. Lisa P. Michele. Cindy, Charity, AND Vance. Ty. Mel. Jo. Cam. PHILSY, EDDIE, CAROLLE, and JOE! Register HERE as a fan to comment on our events, stay up-to-date, and see how your Green Army compares around Canada, and around the world!

Y'know who's on the list? RichandNancy (one word.) It's Nancy's birthday today, so add about 30 burpees to the end of the WOD above.

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