Today's Workout: 032610

30 Muscle-ups for time.

If you can't do muscle-ups, that's 120 pullups and 120 dips – both on the rings!

Above: Coop and Rosie doing their muscle-ups at CrossFit Ontario Sectionals last weekend.

Downtown at noon, coach Coop will lead the class in a slightly 'different' workout…… meanwhile, Mitch will teach Snatch technique at the Park.

'30 Muscle-Ups for time' is one of our most hotly-contested WODs on the record board.  Eric Ross has the current record at 8:37, but a half dozen different members have begun linking their muscle-ups since he set that high bar at Christmastime……

Tomorrow is our second 'bring-a-buddy' challenge!  Got a friend?  Bring 'em to the Park at 9am or Noon free – and you get in free, too!  Partner challenge tomorrow!

A point for debate on a cold Friday: the record board is definitely effective.  It's a huge accomplishment to have your initials on there, especially with a little asterisk next to them (meaning the WOD has been done as Rx'd.)  How would you feel if, after driving yourself through a wall to earn your spot, it was erased and replace by someone with less-than-ideal technique?  What if their character is beyond question, but no one actually saw them finish the WOD?  Do we require a refereed contest to award a record?  Is it enough that the record is achieved in a coached group?  Refereeing at the Ontario Sectional, though done in earnest, fell victim to the same subjectivity of any event judged by a human.  What qualifies the judge to award a win / place / tie / record?

"If you won't risk the answer you won't ask the question…" – Mark Twight, from Remake Remodel.

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