Today's Workout: 032812

Dan elliot"The Bracket Test"

2000m row – for time

Clean and Jerk – to max.

When measuring fitness, we use 10 different metrics. Our CAT Testing guide is below:

Download CAT Testing

To do it quickly, we can measure opposing ends of the fitness spectrum. On one hand, a 2km row is a measure of aerobic endurance, tending toward muscle stamina a little. On the other, the Clean and Jerk is not a metabolic-dependent lift, but a Central Nervous System-dominant movement. 

Skill plays a role in either, to be sure, but progress over time demonstrates an improved overall fitness level. 

A Calorie Isn't A Calorie? from

Reaction to the red-meat-is-bad studyMaybe red meat is protectiveWhat that study actually told meIs eating red meat bad?People don’t want to read what they don’t want to hear

Thanks to CrossFitNYC for the summary.

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