Today's Workout: 040711

IMG_0222 Today is the Event #3 for the CrossFit Open:

Squat Clean and Jerk (165/110lbs) – AMRAP in 5:00.

Points: one for the squat clean, one for the jerk. However, one must follow the other to count (you can't do two squat cleans in a row for points.)

Green Army starts at 5:30pm; Reserves (and Auxiliary) start at 7pm. This is a 5-minute WOD, and we're running in 10-minute start intervals. Last week, if you showed up at 5:30, you had time to warm up before your flight was called; this week, you don't. Please be ready to BANG at 5:30pm! Alternate qualifying times: 7:00am, and Noon.

Right: Sally Moore kills 110lbs clean and jerk five times. Yeah, it's eaaaaaaasy.

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