Today's Workout: 050913


Complete the heaviest set possible:

This is a combination lift of four movements that make up one rep:

1. Deadlift from floor to knee height, return bar to floor.
2. Deadlift from floor to hip height, return bar to the knee height.
3. High Pull from knee height to full extension, return bar to the floor.
4. Power Clean

*Work up to the heaviest set of 3 reps possible.


  • 5x chest to bar pull ups
  • 10x wallball (20#/12#)
  • 15x KB swings (53#/35#)

Coke 'executive' tells 'the truth' about 'healthy' choices. Is lauded in the comments for her 'honesty.'  You can't make this stuff up.

If "air quotes" were an exercise, you'd be doing a lot of reps today. Maybe finger-crossing keeps her slim.

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