Today's Workout: 051010

Nurse "Helen"

Run 400m

21 Kettlebell / Dumbbell Swings

12 Pullups

3 rounds for time.

Today is the start of Nurses' Week – our six-day "Thanks!" to nurses in the Sault.  Got a few new faces in your group?  They're nurses, and you're meeting them the right way – not the usual way.  Make them feel at home.  Every day this week, we'll be featuring special "nurses" WODs to help prepare you for BaseLine Week at the end of the month.  Nurses attend CrossFit groups – 7am, Noon, and 7pm – for free all week, with a free "Safe Lifting" clinic on Saturday at 10am at the Park.

Today is also the start of our evening OnRamp group!  For two weeks, participants will be training with Coach Whit in the evenings, and then with Coop for the last week. 

Coop took it back to fundamentals himself on the weekend, at a CrossFit certification in Ann Arbor.  For a picture, click here (third pic down, on the left side, in the back.)  Chris got to hang for two days with his wife, Robin, and several of his CrossFit heroes, including Jon Gilson and Pat Sherwood.  You'll see some little 'tweaks' in the way we do things in the next few months. The biggest thing about learning new stuff: you're hungry for MORE. 

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