Today's Workout: 052014

Back Squat 1-1-1-1-1
50 reps of 1 pistol (right leg,) 1 pistol (left leg,) burpee
50 reps of pullups
…for time.
Scaling pistols:
Step 1 – starting on top of a box, perform a 1-legged squat with the other leg hanging straight down (it will balance you.) Get as low as possible without touching the floor, and stand back up.
Step 2 – starting from the floor, step laterally up to a box. Making the box higher will help develop the strength necessary to rise out of the bottom of a pistol.
Step 3 – hold a purple band in one hand to help ‘pop’ out of the bottom.
This Sunday is the Mountain Maple, our favourite race of the year! Get more info here!

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