Today's Workout: 052210

Bar breakage 051910 006

In partners, one performs as many sumo deadlift high pulls with a kettlebell as possible while the other runs, carrying a medicine ball.  5 pushups every minute, on the minute for both partners.  Drop the ball?  15 burpee penalty.  The goal is as many SDHP as possible in 12 minutes.

It's "Bring-A-Buddy" Day!  Bring a first-timer and you both get into CrossFit groups (9am and Noon) for free!

New running group starts Monday!  They're both filling fast – register online here!

Above: WC Eaket's first appearance at Catalyst.  Mitch tries out
coaching the power clean using his new 'JUMP!' system – very effective
for working the first pull!

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